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With the help of quexl, cumbersome reporting and time-consuming data exchange belong to the past. Stay up to date with the OneClick Refresh and get real-time data from your SAP system so that you always have a full overview

It's more than a data gathering tool. It is your intuitive connection between SAP and Excel.


By embedding quexl in Excel, you can continue to use all known Excel functions and make your work easier with additional features

direct real-time access to SAP queries

Parallel loading of multiple queries

One click refresh of the data

and many more features already on the roadmap



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official & certified Microsoft add-in

simple download in Excel or distribution by Office Admin

implementation within 30 min

SAP connection 

easy and fast by using SAP Standard API's 

Standard objects and authorizations from SAP can be extended as required 

After accepting the CORS access and activating the API's, the application is functional

central solution 

Users can be administered in SAP as usual

quexl is supplied with updates via the Microsoft App Store


no annoying and dangerous macros

Your data stays with you, access is only within your secure network and is also SSL encrypted  

no additional software or extensions required



direct access to your SAP system

efficient, stateless connection

queries are reusable, also in Fiori or SAC


Advantages at a glance

Excel Logo Icon.png

Simple, direct access to real-time data from SAP

Simple and fast implementation through standard API's

Maximum security, as all data remains in your network at all times and never leaves it

quexl as an add-in instead of new software with additional administrators

Reusability of queries 

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