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With the help of quios, no product information, price information, or the like, has to be passed on to the field service - relieve your internal sales team and reduce manual effort through telephone or e-mail inquiries.

It's more than a flexible tool. It's a new way of working.


quios optimizes time-consuming standard sales inquiries from business partners and group companies, thereby relieving the internal sales team

Business partners and group companies can access real-time sales data stored in the SAP S/4HANA ERP system

"Read only" access to: order status and history, sales dashboard, item search and availability check in real time (access to ERP), determination of user-specific item prices according to conditions in SAP ERP or SAP S/4HANA and much more.



Prüfen und
Anpassung in ERP und Konfiguration


Approx. 4-6 weeks after the initial workshop

adjustment of
platform on
Customer CI

ERP accesses
Check and
if necessary, adjust articles, customers and prices

order booking
Check and
Adaption in ERP and configuration

Selection adjustment 
addition of 
customer-specific selections ​

(e.g.: old mat. no.)

Implementation time depends on der participation  of the customer for ERP access and testing

Shopping Cart & Inquiry

allows request to the sales team about items and quantities
in the portal 

Tunnel aus Pflanzen

Advantages at a glance

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Visualization of ERP data in real time

Integrated user management for coordinated access 

easy to use and integrate

Reduction of errors, no redundant data

24/7 ready to provide information & freely expandable at any time

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